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The following news items are a brief summary of news that will be of interest to our supporters. Note: go to Press_Releases for a list of the Press Releases issued by the Action Group. The latest news is at the top of the page.

Update 33: 01/12/2020. The following letter has been sent to John Glen MP: Update_33

Update 32: 01/07/2020. A new summary of the events leading up to the destruction of Bradford & Bingley: Update_32

Update 31. 16/9/2019. Letter to Gordon Brown strongly criticising his double standards on Prorogation, Brexit and his needless destruction of Bradford & Bingley: Update_031.

Press Release. 05/08/2019. This press release was issued about the unnecessary destruction of Bradford & Bingley by the then Labour Government: Press-Release-05-08-2019.

Update 30. 17/4/2019. The following update has been sent to all campaign supporters via email: Update_030. Letters have also been sent to Sir William Cash, M.P., and Michael Forsyth (Baron Forsyth of Drumlean) concerning the actions of the European Commission.

Press Release. 17/3/2019. A Yorkshire pensioner and B&B shareholder's claim against the Treasury fails: Press-015

Letter to the ICO. 1/3/2019. The following letter was sent to the Information Commissioner regarding the failure of Government departments to provide information under the Freedom of Information Act: ICO-Letter

Letter to the ICO. 1/3/2019. The following letter was sent to the Information Commissioner regarding the failure of Government departments to provide information under the Freedom of Information Act: ICO-Letter

Letters to the Prime Minister. 3/9/2018. The following letters have been sent to Prime Minister Theresa May: PM-Letter-2018-21 and PM-Letter-2018-09-03

Yorkshire Pensioner Sues Treasury. 24/11/2017. See Press014

Summary of the Claims over the Nationalisation of B&B. 14/10/2017 (revised 1/3/2019). A complete record of events. See Update_29A.

Freedom of Information Request to the European Union. 11/09/2017. See Update_028.

B&B Shareholders are Entitled to the Truth, Justice and Accountability. 01/07/2017. See Update_027.

Which Party Will Tell Us The Truth? 24/05/2017. Responses to our call for a public inquiry - see Update_026.

Letter to Andrew Tyrie. 14/04/2017. BBAG has written to Andrew Tyrie, Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, reiterating some of the points we have been making and requesting a public inquiry into the nationalisation. See Update_025

Latest News Summary. 25/2/2017. This note gives the latest news about this campaign: Update_024. There is also the latest summary of past events here: BB-Summary. There are also recent letters to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Information Commissioner here: Campbell-Letter and Denham-Letter

Nationalisation Summary and Letter to Theresa May. 4/8/2016. The latest summary of the events surrounding the nationalisation of Bradford & Bingley are in this document: B&B-Nationalisation. David Blundell, Chairman of this Action Group, has also sent the following letter to the new Prime Minister: Theresa-May-Letter.

Letter to George Osborne: BBAG has sent a letter to Chancellor George Osborne. 4/4/2016: See Osborne-Letter. This note was sent to BBAG supporters informing them of that and the status of the campaign: Update_23.

BBAG Issues Update on the B&B Nationalisation. 4/4/2015. See Press011.

BBAG Appeals to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. 8/1/2015. See Press010.

Bond Tender Offer. 12/12/2014. This note was issued on the latest tender offer from the Government to redeem the B&B Bonds: Update_22

Reminder re Meeting in September. 31/07/2014. This note gives more information on the public meeting for B&B shareholders on September 27th: Update_21

Letter to David Cameron. 28/07/2014. This letter from David Blundell to David Cameron summarises the issues in respect of the nationalisation of Bradford & Bingley: Cameron_Letter_July2014

Public Meeting in September. 23/2/2014. There is a public meeting for B&B shareholders on the 27th September 2014. See here for more details: Update_20

B&B Action Group Questions FCA's Record Keeping Standards as Telephone Transcript Revealed. 22/12/2013. See this press release: Press009

Debate in Parliament on 27 November 2013. 24/11/2013. Supporters should please note that Philip Davies M.P. has obtained a debate in Westminster Hall on the subject of the nationalisation of B&B. It's on the 27th November at 9.30 am.  Please encourage your own M.P. to attend. In addition David Blundell has recently written to Gordon Brown and you can read his letter here: BBAG_Letter_to_Gordon_Brown

Why was Bradford & Bingley (B&B) expropriated by Gordon Brown? 04/08/2013. This note explains it somewhat: Update_19

Treasury and FCA's Record Retention Makes Mockery of FOI Act. 20/07/2013. This press release was issued concerning the failure to provide information on the nationalisation: Press008

Tribunal Appeal. 01/05/2013. The following is a report on the hearing of the First Tier Tribunal against the decision by the Information Commissioner on an FOI request: Update_18. The written submission by BBAG to the Tribunal is present here: Tribunal_IR. Postscript: the appeal was rejected.

BBAG AGM Report. 25/01/2013. The following is a report on the Bradford & Bingley Shareholders Action Group AGM held on the 19th January: Update_17

Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal re the ICO Decision. 12/12/2012. The following communication was sent to the First Tier Tribunal as an appeal against the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) rejection of our information requests: First_Tier_Tribunal.

Open Letter to David Cameron. 23/07/2012. The following letter was sent to the Prime Minister concerning the failure to provide adequate information about the nationalisation: Cameron_Letter. Note that a further letter was sent to Mr Cameron in mid September which is given here: Cameron_Letter2

Report on the BBAG Annual General Meeting. 03/06/2012. This note contains a brief report of the meeting of members and supporters held on the 26th May 2012: Update_16

Why Did the Cabinet Office Lie? 15/02/2012. The following press release was issued concerning the difficulty of getting information out of the Government on the nationalisation of B&B: Press 007.

The Banking Crisis and B&B's Accounts. 31/10/2011. This newsletter covers the impact the IFRS accounting standard had on banks and the financial crisis plus our withdrawal from the Upper Tribunal Case: Update_14

A Petition to Sign and Other News. 28/08/2011. Supporters were asked to sign a Government E-Petition on the nationalisation of B&B in this newsletter, which also contained other news: Update_13

Upper Tribunal Submission. 28/06/2011. The following submission was made to the Upper Tribunal on the 20th June after Mr Clokey, the Indepdendent Valuer had submitted his comments to them: Upper_Tribunal_Submission. This was reported to our supporters with some other comments in this note: Update_12

Upper Tribunal Appeal. 27/03/2011. The following is a note on what has been submitted to the Upper Tribunal to appeal against the valuation decision (on Form FTC3): Upper_Tribunal_Note. BBAG issued this note to all supporters about the appeal and encouraged them to submit their own representation to the Upper Tribunal and speak to their MPs requesting a public inquiry - see Update_11

Final Assessment Notice Issued - No Compensation for Shareholders. 14/03/2011. BBAG issued the following press release after Peter Clokey issued his "Revised" Assessment Notice that confirmed his zero valuation of the ordinary shares - see Press006

Letter to David Cameron. 09/03/2011. BBAG Chairman David Blundell wrote the following letter to Prime Minister David Cameron: Cameron_Letter

Update for Shareholders and Bondholders. 27/02/2011. This note was issued as a general update to the ordinary shareholders and bondholders: Update_10

Subordinated Bonds Tender Offer. 15/11/2010. This note was issued about the tender offer for the Perpetual Subordinated Bonds: Update_9. A corresponding press release was also issued: Press_005

A Meeting with the Independent Valuer. 22/9/2010. This note was issued concerning a meeting with the independent valuer and other recent actions: Update_7

Representation on Compensation. 1/9/2010. This note was issued to supporters to summarise our views on the valuation of the ordinary shares and the representation to the independent valuer, and it also contains a note on UKSA activities: Update_6. A press release reiterating the valuation issues was also issued in this document: Press_004.

Submission to Independent Valuer. 9/8/2010. The following letter has been sent to Peter Clokey, the Independent Valuer, in response to his Assessment Notice and subsequent communications: Valuation_Response . Some more information was provided in this newsletter to Ordinary Shareholders: Update_5

Updates for Shareholders and Bondholders. 18/07/2010. We issued these newsletters to brief shareholders and bondholders on the current position of the activities of this Group: Shareholders: Update_2 , Bondholders: Update_3.

Demand for Information. 15/7/2010. We issued this press release which explains that we need more information from the independent valuer to be able to properly comment on the valuation of the ordinary shares: Press_003

Nil Valuation Announced. 6/7/2010. The independent valuer of the shares in Bradford & Bingley has announced that he considers them of nil value and therefore shareholders will get no compensation. BBAG has issued the following press release with comments on this valuation: Press_002 . Needless to say that we will be taking legal advice on whether a challenge should be mounted.

New Legal Entity. 20/5/2010). This note was issued to supporters to announce the formation of a new legal entity for BBAG and to clarify the relationship with the UK Shareholders Association (UKSA): Note_to_Members

Letter to George Osborne. 19/5/2010). This letter was sent to George Osborne, the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, concerning the plight of Bradford & Bingley shareholders and bondholders: Letter_to_George_Osborne

Bondholders Update. 10/5/2010). This note was issued to explain the current position of the subordinated bonds (PIBS): Update_1

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